M8 Drive

The M8 sterndrive combines the best features of the NXT6, but with even more robust internal drive components and an all-new lower gearcase. The surface-piercing gearcase, inspired by the legendary dry-sump NXT6 drive, is two inches shorter to compliment the lower engine profile. Lowering engine mounting in a boat results in a lower center of gravity for improved boat handling and overall performance; it also provides more flexibility in boat hatch styling. Like the NXT6, the M8 is dry-sumped for maximum efficiency and power output.








Designed from the ground up by Mercury Racing engineers, the M8 sterndrive was developed specifically to handle the high torque loads and power levels of the QC4v engine packages.



The M8 carries a 35% greater load capacity than the world champion NXT6 drive.



An innovative twin pinion gear shaft design splits the torque load for a higher power capacity while maintaining a slim, surface piercing gearcase shape for maximum efficiency.


System Engineered

Engines, controls, transmissions, drives and propellers are designed to work as an integrated system with the vessel.



Compatible with


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  • Dry-sumped for maximum power-output. Delivers 35% more power capacity than the legendary Six drive.
  • Surface piercing gearcase, packed with heavy-duty components, is designed specifically to handle the higher torque of our QC4v engine platform.
  • Five & 6-blade CNC sterndrive propellers are designed with stamina to allow the engine to endure in both treacherous and ideal offshore conditions.
  • Two inches shorter resulting in an overall lower center of gravity for improved handling and overall boat performance.
  • Dry sump hydraulic transmission to handle the QC4v's massive torque.
  • While the lower drive cavity is bathed in oil, a unique propshaft driven oil pump sprays the upper drive gears. This reduces internal friction, increasing performance.



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