Bravo One XR® Sport Drive

A surface-piercing gearcase that is two inches shorter than a standard Bravo is what differentiates this drive from the rest. The shorter profile enables engines to be mounted lower in the boat. This lowers the center of gravity for improved boat handling and overall performance. Dual water pickups, (mounted on the nose of the torpedo and strut) enhance water flow for improved cooling in a variety of applications.




Compatible with


Mercury Racing® is proud to introduce the latest addition to its high-performance sterndrive family; the




Mercury Racing is proud to introduce the latest addition to its high performance sterndrive family; …





The 565 is based off the same CNC machined cylinder block as its race-proven sibling, …


600 SCI

The 600 SCi was the first Mercury Racing sterndrive engine package certified for sale in …





  • Stronger U-joint handles additional torque.
  • Transom plate assembly features heavy-duty gimbal assembly.
  • Net forged, straight bevel gears for enhanced strength.
  • Redesigned upper gear socket floor.
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel propshaft.
  • Upgraded upper-end thrust bearings.
  • Steel upper gear bearing support.
  • Digital trim sender.
  • Gear ratios: 1.35:1; 1.50:1
  • Rotation: Right and Left-hand




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